Ranger Product Line

Ranger Data

Ranger Data is the White Pine implementation of a complete ASAM ODS infrastructure. The system is organized into a well-structured architecture that provides everything needed to set up and operate a basic ODS repository in your facility. As the number of ODS projects and models grows, the system is flexible and extensible without adding complexity to the management, making it very IT friendly. Ranger Data is the foundation for the Ranger Tools, and can be used stand-alone or in combination with any or all of the modules in the Ranger product line.

Ranger Search

The Ranger Search utility brings the power of Apache Solr and MongoDB to the ASAM ODS technology stack for powerful search or browse capabilities that are above and beyond the traditional drill down search usually implemented for the highly structured engineering data. Combined with search facets, this approach allows the engineer to have options for both the immediate retrieval of a most recent test result to blazingly fast browsing of available repository data.

Ranger Web

Ranger Web toolkit is a modest but generic ODS web browser utility that implements the Ranger Search module for measurement selection with channel selection and various download plugins, and also optionally provides administrative pages for the reporting of the Ranger Load statistics, tracking, a job submission status, monitoring and administering your ODS repositories, and a simplified ODS compatible User/Group security and controls mapping. All together, the system provides a complete ODS website which can be used as a basis for the development of custom extensions for application specific needs, or simply as is, with built in capability of supporting multiple ODS data models in a common and intuitive scheme across them all.

Ranger Export

Ranger Export is a command line utility that supports a quick and easy retrieval of data from an ODS measurement in batch mode, based on a simple input request file format. This facilitates the automated retrieval and analysis of test data for integration into local tools and processes.

Ranger Load

Ranger Load is a simple job queuing and data processing system primarily – but not exclusively – for populating ODS repositories. The system is linearly scalable and can support multiple ODS data models or test data repositories through a common, shared data loading architecture. These data streams may be diverse in origin, structure, and format.  The system provides for multistep data processing and supports custom development of business specific steps. Examples currently in production or under development include importing MDF4, HDF5, RPC, ODS (r64) binary data formats, even CSV and our own White Pine open source format.  This queuing and job processing system provides excellent metrics identifying bottlenecks, failed jobs, individual job status, counts and plots aggregated over various time periods and job types.